What is a standard desk?

What is a standard desk? How to know the standard size of the desk? This is a question that many people wonder when choosing to buy a desk. This question may seem simple, but not everyone knows. Today we will share with you how to choose a standard desk size to fit the Vietnamese physique. Check out the article below to get more knowledge when buying a desk.

» How much is a standard desk?

Selecting a standard desk size depends on a variety of factors. Here are standard desk sizes that many people apply when choosing to buy wooden furniture for their family. Join us for reference.

Bàn làm việc đạt chuẩn thì có kích cỡ như thế nào?
Standard desk
  • Standard height of the desk

The standard height for all workbench models is 0.75m. This is the most suitable size to sit with all types of chairs, this parameter was studied based on the average height of adults in Vietnam, helping to protect health and avoid spinal diseases. , degenerative, nearsighted ….

  • Standard length workbench

The standard length of a normal desk is 1.2m, which is sufficient for computers, papers and necessary office supplies. However, with the head of the room, the director usually has a length of 1.4, 1.6m, or 1.8m depending on the requirements or comes with drawers, cabinets to increase the elegance and pedestal for user. The reason is because according to the traditional concept of Vietnamese people often abstain from odd numbers like 1.3 m or 1.5 m …

Bàn làm việc đạt chuẩn thì có kích cỡ như thế nào?
  • Standard width working table

The standard width of a workbench often depends on its length to ensure balance to the design. With a small office, you should arrange a desk with a width of about 0.6 m to suit the space but still ensure the maximum convenience of users when working.

»The size of the desk according to Feng Shui

Choosing a beautiful desk model that suits the office space will help increase productivity. In which desk size is also an important factor affecting the aesthetics of the office.The right size desk model, compliance with feng shui, will contribute to the production and gathering of good energy.
According to feng shui experts, this will help users always receive good luck, encourage favorable lucky opportunities for them to develop their own capacity, career, and career. .

Bàn làm việc đạt chuẩn thì có kích cỡ như thế nào?

Therefore, according to the architects have researched and given standard desk sizes to bring the best comfort to users according to the following criteria:

  • Simple desk for keeping books, personal computers (laptops) and simple items, the standard dimensions are: 1.52m long, 0.76m wide and 0.75m high.

  • With a desk for PC connected to the chassis, it will have to be larger in size at about 1.82 x 0.91m x 0.75m.

However, when choosing a desk you should also keep in mind such factors as if the office is too small, you should choose a small table size, otherwise choose large sized desk models.

For the head, manager, director, the desk will be larger than the average employee. Limiting the size of the desk will comply with the following standards:

  • Length from 1.2 m to 2m
  • Width from 0.5m to 0.9m
  • Height from 0.72m to 0.78m.

With this size, it is necessary to select the height of the seat accordingly. For further information, please contact:


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